• KinderKamer, regions first nursery formally opens its doors to the parents of Dubai.
  • Admissions open for the academic year 2012-13 for

    Toddler (18 months - 2 yrs)
    Nursery Program (2+ yrs)
    Foundation Program (3+ yrs)
04 394 3535
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Child's Details
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Date of Birth  :  (DD/MM/YYYY)  
Gender  :   
Religion  :   
Nationality  :   
Languages Spoken  :   
Sibling Details
Name  : 
Date of Birth  :  (DD/MM/YYYY)
Family Details
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Mother's Name  :   
Nationality  : 
Occupation  : 
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Office Phone  : 
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Email ID  : 
Postal Address  :   
Emergency Contact (Other than Mother or Father)
In the event of an Emergency, please mominate someone who will act on your behalf, incase the nursery is unable to reach either parent.
Name  :   
Relationship to Child  :   
Nationality  :   
Company Name  :   
Work Phone  :   
Moblie  :   
Home Phone  :   
Email ID  :   
In addition to a parent please indicate other persons authorised to collect your child from the nursery.
1st Person Name  :   
Relation  :   
Gender  :   
2nd Person Name  :   
Relation  :   
Gender  :   
Does your child have any special need? If yes please give details  : 
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Any other useful information that you want to share with us  : 
Declaration by the parent: I have read and understood the terms and regulation the be followed whilst the child attends the nursery.